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Canary Islands, Galicia, Extremadura and Almansa | Spain

Envínate (Wine Yourself!) is the name of a group of friends who love wine and making wine together. Alfonso Torrente, Roberto Santana, Laura Ramos and José Martínez met while studying oenology. After graduating in 2005, they formed a winemaking consultancy, which evolved into ENVÍNATE, a project whose goal was exploring and expressing the distinctive ancient “terruños” (terroirs) of Spain, mainly in the Atlantic-inflected regions of Ribeira Sacra and the Canary Islands.
Each member of the Envínate team brings unique strengths to the group as a whole, coming together to create sensational wines that transparently and beautifully reflect every terroir.
The winemaking process followed in all of Envínate’s four winemaking regions is completely natural, uniform and consistent. The team members use absolutely no chemicals in their process; winemaking practices are adapted to suit each vintage, which means that whole cluster fermentation may or may not be used in their wines. They use natural yeasts, work in a reductive style, protect wines with carbonic, and avoid racking after malolactic fermentation; consequently, vigorous aeration is recommended before serving these wines. Ageing takes place in old 228l. and 600l. barrels and sulphur is only added to the wine prior to bottling if necessary.
Envínate is responsible for making some of Spain’s most compelling and elegant wines.

LocationSpain, Canary Islands, Galicia, Extremadura and Almansa
PropietorLuis Gutierrez
WinemakerLuis Gutierrez
Size / Elevation400 and 1200 meters
Age of vines30-100 years

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