Our story

We live for new adventures. For us, there is nothing in day-to-day life that encapsulates this thrill better than the travel memories and experiences that come with discovering a new wine gem in a new place. (In fact, as a side note, we met and bonded at a wine fair in Colombia; naturally, we married soon after!)


With more than 20 years of combined experience, including wine service, wine competition, retail sales, wine importation & distribution, and contributing magazine articles in wine journals, we have worked hard to keep our palates in shape and dialed in to the ever changing world of wine. We believe in striving to better understand our customers and honor their preferences. Choosing wines that we love is easy, but our real mission, we believe, is to provide quality wines in a wide range of styles to suit nearly everyone’s taste.  Discriminating, distinctive, and sometimes even quirky wine selections is what we have on offer.  Our thinking is: Why not discover your own palate by trying new wines you may have overlooked? If you often find yourself drinking the same wine, well, we think you’re missing out on a universe of choice well worth exploring. 


We love to drink bubbles, too much gamay (if that’s possible), and lots of other light drinking reds and high energy white wines.  Often these are “natural wines,” but we don’t really want to get into that discussion here. We prefer to share a glass and let that conversation take its natural course!


Enough about us. We want to know about you. Have you ever tried a wine from the Canary Islands?  We have a few for you to choose from. Are full bodied, high alcohol wines your thing? Well then, we have some options sure to impress. Have you heard that organic wines are inferior in quality? All of our wines come from organically farmed vineyards, and we are convinced they’ll change your mind.  The truth is we select balanced wines made by people who use conscientious farming principles, and while certification serves a purpose, we think honest, passionate, hard-working people who care for their land is the most important thing. 


Representing wineries from around the world is an honor, and we thank each of our wineries for allowing us to be an extension of them. Our commitment is to transmit to you their stories, their cultures, and the messages in their bottles in the best possible way!


Ready to immerse yourself in wine?

With a half-full glass, dream with us as you let the aromas and flavors transport you. 


Adventure awaits!


Vivi Calderón + Andrés Villegas